Thursday, December 13, 2012

looking back...

A very close friend of mine had a baby just recently and apart from making me want to have another baby terribly, it got me thinking about when Chloé was a newborn. It all feels like a bit of a blear now and i wish i had kept a journal so i could remember all those feelings and emotions. I am still trying to deal with Chloé's birth, it was a long labour which ended in an emergancy caesarian  (I might share more about that soon) We were both fine in the end but it was a birth i never imagined. 

The first two or three month of Chloés life was spent baby wearing and co-sleeping. If she wasn't in a sling we were sleeping side by side.  It was a lovely time of bonding and i remember missing her terribly when my husband would take her for a walk to give me a break. Since having Chloé i have read a lot about the 'fourth trimester' and i really wish i had read about it earlier. Because instead of feeling guilty for carrying her all the time, thinking she would never settle on her own and  imagining carrying her around forever i would have just gone with the flow and enjoyed holding her close. They are the moments i will never have again with Chloé and now she is almost one, before i know it i'll be dropping her off for her first day of school. 

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  1. I know you think it will go fast. But it will go even faster than that. Sad but true. Treasure all those moments, and cuddle her as much as possible. xxx